Rain Runner

Holy Shizzlesticks of coldness.  This Southern California Sunshine Queen is freezing in the brutal tundra of Northern California. Burrrrrrrr.

Okay, so perhaps it gets a wee bit colder in other parts of the country…say North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas, Utah, Iowa, Illinois, etc. etc. etc.  But still, it’s been pouring rain here for almost a week straight, the skies have been a dark grey on most days, and I had to scrape some ice off my windshield last week. 

Such a sad, sad story.  That said, we all need a bit of consistency in our lives.  This is especially true for anyone with an anxiety disorder or any other mood issue.  People need routine.  It’s what regulates our bodies and keep us in balance.

For me, part of my routine, is running.  I have had to learn to push aside my not-so-inner-princess, and get out in the cold. Three days a week, my dog Darby and I pound the concrete and get working on our fitness. This week that meant keeping our heads down so the rain didn’t pelt us in the eyes. It meant sloshing through deep puddles and running with wet fur and soaking socks. Halfway through our 30 minute trek, Darby’s little pink belly was muddy brown and my clothes were heavy with water. 


But there was more. Our endorphins kicked in.  The rain, the wind, the whizzing of cars racing past us became invigorating.  Darby pulled me harder. I ran faster. The downpour made me feel tough and alive.

I realized that a little change in the seasons can be a good thing – as long as one is willing to surrender to the storm.  We don’t have to like the cold, or the wet, or the darkness, but we need to stick to our most basic routines, do what is right for our souls, and push through.  The outcome can be beautiful.

rain runner

Have your surrendered to any storms lately?  What was the outcome?


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