Girlfriends and a New Pair of Shoes

My grumpy meter rose to the roof last week. Everything worked a nerve – my boys’ shoes and backpacks dropped at leisure wherever they pleased, my husband looking at me in confusion when I suggested he cook dinner, my dog pouncing on my chest like she owned me every stinkin’ time I tried to sit down and relax.

It was time. Time for an escape. It’s hard to shakeup the regular routine, but sometimes you’ve to do it.

My girlfriend Nury called with a most excellent plan. She, our lovely friend Robin, and I, would get all dressed up the following evening and go shopping at an upscale mall. Then, when were done buying stuff, we would all have a fun dinner together. I scoffed at the need for playing dress up, but otherwise fearlessly agreed to her plan with enthusiasm. My family, bless their hearts, could live without me for one night.

Indeed, it would seem they could live quite well in my absence. My husband and two adorable sons practically pushed me out of the house. Don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

As always – girl time was just what my cranky soul needed. Even though I had resisted the idea, getting dressed up like we were trying out for the cast of Sex and the City only upped the fun factor. The cute young guy at The Gap who lingered a little while he rang up our purchases made me smile. At dinner, chatting with Nury and the bartender while Robin cheered for her beloved Oregon Ducks (they won, she wanted you to know) was all the sweeter in a fitted sweater dress.

Oh, and the highlight of the whole event? I treated myself to a present. I bought a pair of seriously awesome sassy little brown ankle boots. Nothing picks up a woman’s spirit like girlfriends and a new pair of shoes.

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5 Responses to Girlfriends and a New Pair of Shoes

  1. Shelly T says:

    Yay you!!! Glad you had some fun with the girls.

  2. hollyyoumans says:

    Thanks Shelly, it was much needed!

  3. I’m so glad you got to get away and have fun with girlfriends. It’s important for a woman’s sanity and shouldn’t be underestimated. 🙂

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