Front Loaded


The latest books I’ve read remind me of the women my husband used to date (back before he met me.)  My future husband would follow any nice pair of legs or breasts around for days before bothering to engage in a meaningful conversation. That’s when he realized these women were front-loaded.  All glitter, no gold.

The last three books I’ve completed have been kind of like that. The covers were enticing, and first few pages started off with a bang. They dragged me in, pushed me forward, then halfway through – nothing.

I get it. We live in a world where people make decisions quickly. Impress me up front or forget about it.

The result? Instead of a slow burn with an explosive ending that leaves you satisfied for days, weeks, or months afterward, you’re often left feeling a little cheated. The writer gives it all he/she’s got to get you in, and then peters out.

I started a new book a few days ago. It’s called Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn. I’ve done my research on this book ahead of time. I’ve read the reviews. I’ve talked to friends who have already finished the novel. Gone Girl, I know, has real potential.

So far, the first few chapters are fantastic. Does Flynn have what it takes to go the distance?

I’ll give you my opinion in an upcoming blog. In the meantime, have any of you readers out there noticed this trend? Are you finding books that seduce into a purchase, and then end with a fizzle?

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4 Responses to Front Loaded

  1. I enjoyed Gone Girl and so did my husband. He’s now reading Dark Places and keep talking about how good it is.

  2. danielle says:

    So far I have not had this experience. Thank goodness. That is the worst. I love when a book hangs with me for a little while. I like when I am not reading I wonder what the charters are doing. It such great fun! I just finished the 3 book series of Fifty Shades in one week. It sucked me in especially the first two books. It was a bit predictable but I still enjoyed it even if it was brain candy. A little candy I’m life can be a good thing.

    Hope Gone Girl is a good read.

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