Senseless, Irrational, and Ridiculous

Whenever possible, I try to find the humor. Life is better when we laugh. When you suffer from anxiety attacks or some other affliction, finding the funny can be especially useful.

It’s easy to smile at my behavior last Saturday. My anxiety attack that morning was set off by a garage sale. A stinkin’ garage sale.

I was driving my older son to his mixed martial arts class when I saw some neighbors gathered on a nearby lawn peddling their wares. They told me I should join them. They had been there for a few hours already and sold lots of stuff. My neighbor friend Robin held a wad of bills in her hand.

I immediately flew into panic mode.  My inner dialogue going something like this…Oh my God, I have several boxes of things sitting in my garage that I need to get rid of. This is an incredible opportunity. If I don’t drag my crap over here right now, I could totally miss out on some important sales. In the ten minutes it will take for me to drop off my son at class, the entire community could stop by this garage sale and buy it out and then no one will come and want my stuff by the time I return. I better hurry, I better hurry, I better hurry.

By the time I rushed home and dragged all my castoffs over to the lawn, my hands were shaking, my vision had tunneled, and my head was pounding. All I wanted to do was go home and go back to bed. I was exhausted….

In the name of fearless Friday, I am not going to make this same mistake again this weekend. No matter how tempting an opportunity arises, I will not let my anxiety get the best of me. But if I do, I won’t berate myself for overreacting. I will shake my head at the ridiculousness of it all, and ask myself – seriously?

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