One is a very lovely number

For many of us, when we like something, like it a little or like it a lot, we want more of it. More is good. A can of soda is good, a big gulp is better. A pair of perfect jeans is a score, buying those jeans in three different colors…nirvana.

I have noticed however, that when it comes to the things that matter most, one is enough.  It only takes one kind gesture to completely transform your day. It only takes one true love to fill your soul. One house gives you a home.

Maybe, we would appreciate our soda more if it was smaller, our perfect jeans more if we they were are only pair.

As a woman who claims a closet full of clothes and always keeps a pint of Diet Coke in her fridge, I’m not saying downsizing is the key to happiness.  I’m just thinking, maybe life would be even sweeter if we kept it simple.

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2 Responses to One is a very lovely number

  1. Shelly T says:

    Nicely put!

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