Are reunions a thing of the past?

My 20 year reunion is rolling around in early August. It was not an event I was particularly looking forward to. Shopping for a new dress, buying a single plane ticket to San Diego (my homebody husband would not even consider going with me), getting my hair done, and socializing with people I haven’t mingled with in twenty years, is not on the top of my list of fun things to do. But, I was going to do it. In the name of pushing boundaries I was going to attend my 20 year reunion. Besides, all those great movies we grew up with, movies like Romey and Michele’s High School Reunion and The Big Chill, give the impression that reunions are an essential milestone in life, something not to be missed. I didn’t want regrets.

But then there is Facebook. The great game changer. Going to your reunion can’t possibly be the same. We know how everyone turned out. We’ve seen the photos, bios, and daily commentary of our former classmate’s comings and goings. In many ways Facebook is a virtual high school. We can message our favorite friends, chat with our acquaintances, and spy on our frenemies, all from the comfort of our suburban homes while our children run around in the background.

Just to be sure I wasn’t missing something, I started asking around. A friend of mine, a couple years ahead of me, missed his big 20th and he said he wasn’t the only one.  His reunion reported an incredibly low attendance. I looked to Google, and it turns out high school reunions across America are suffering. Blame it on the recession or blame it on social media, reunions are losing their appeal. I decided to stay home too. I figure I can pocket the money I’ll save, and check out all the reunion pictures online the next day, maybe even that night.  I just need to log on to Facebook – our modern day reunion equivalent.

What are your thoughts on high school reunions?

PS Here is a link to a funny article written by a guy who did attend his 20th…,9171,1945358,00.html

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6 Responses to Are reunions a thing of the past?

  1. This morning I received a voicemail asking if u was Bonny Russell who graduated 50 years ago from Limon high school. 50 years, nope it’s no me. I started to erase the message Then the reunion coordinator said her name. OMG. I went to high school with her. After hovering over the delete button and trying to wrap my head around “50” years, I took down her number and called her back. Her husband who was also in our class answered the phone. He sounded old. But I never think of myself as old. Where did the time go? Will I go to the reunion in Oct? Or do I just want to remember the way we were?

  2. hollyyoumans says:

    What a great story Bonny! A fifty year reunion, now that could be interesting!! Are you FB friends with your classmates? If not, what a fun opportunity to catch up.

  3. Shelly T says:

    First off…I haven’t been to a reunion, mine or my husband’s, where there were as many good looking women as the picture that goes with this post!! Must be Hollywood High!

    On a personal note, I am so glad I went to mine! First off, I looked frickin HOT!! Second of all, I got to connect with people I wouldn’t have located on FB. Of course my 20th was 6 years ago. Probably the best part for me was the sincere apology I got from a girl who had bullied me for several years. We are now FB friends! That said, I didn’t have to fly anywhere and I have been able to wear that dress multiple times.

  4. I haven’t gone to one, and much of my high school time remains fuzzy. 🙂 I’m curious about some people, and would probably have fun… though living a couple of thousand miles away makes it tough. I imagine they’re most fun when you’ve stayed in touch with classmates.

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