We’re Home

Hurray!  We’re back in the bay, Bay Area that is.  There is no better way to make a new house feel like home, than leaving it for a while.

Three and half months after our big move North, my boys and I traveled down to San Diego to visit friends and family. We had a glorious vacation.

We stayed with my mom and step-dad, just two blocks from the beach – a warm beach, with smooth sand and tepid waters. By day we visited all our favorite places and people.  By night, I tied up my laces, snapped on some spandex, and jogged alongside familiar cliffs, enveloped in the salty, kelp infused air.


We toured Balboa Park twice, once with my childhood friend Caitlyn and her son Connor, and then again with my Dad on Father’s Day.

I hosted a book club and the author of our book, Jessica Therrien, joined us to answer questions about her debut novel Oppression.  My boys met their three month old twin cousins for the first time, and got in a few sleep-overs with their older cousins and close friends.

We also stopped by our old neighborhood.  The boys played with their friends while I chatted with some of my favorite moms. While the conversations flowed easily, there was the odd sensation of being a “visitor” instead of just another mom in the community. It was a somewhat startling reminder that we no longer lived there.

We have a new place now, to make new memories, and experience new adventures. I missed my husband and my pets and my cute little house near Trader Joe’s. And so, as much as we enjoyed our San Diego vacation, me and my boys are happy to say, we are back home. Home in Northern California.

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2 Responses to We’re Home

  1. Lovely, Holly! So happy for you guys. 🙂

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