From Super Mommy to Television Reporter Extraordinaire

I did something extra bold this week…just for the day, I took a step back in time.  As a favor to a friend, I accepted a freelance job, reporting for a regional news program.  It’s been 11 years and a lot wrinkles around the eyes since I reported on a story.  Heck, in the past couple of months, I haven’t even left the house without my well-worn sweat pants, let alone straightened my hair and applied a camera ready coat of makeup.  My children and husband were pleasantly surprised by the transformation from Super Mommy to Television Reporter Extraordinaire.



Putting on high heels and playing an industry professional was exhilarating.  Talking shop with a camera man, writing up a story on the fly, piecing it together with clips from recorded interviews, then reading it all aloud in a quiet room so that the sound and video could be wired back to the newsroom for airing…well, it felt like old times. 

As usual, facing a fear and doing something nice for a friend, turned out to be the best thing I could do for myself.  Stepping outside my comfort zone gave me a serious boost of confidence.  I feel, supercharged.

Have you strolled outside you comfort zone recently?  If so, what did you do and how it make you feel?

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2 Responses to From Super Mommy to Television Reporter Extraordinaire

  1. ShellyS says:

    Ugg, I haven’t stepped out of my comfort zone in a really long time. Then again…my comfort zone is much bigger than many people’s so going outside of it could be dangerous 🙂

  2. So cool that you did that, Holly! I want to see it!

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