Getting On With It

Here we are on another Fearless Friday. I would love to share an inspirational story, but I haven’t been looking on the bright side this week.  I have however, managed to get on with it, something I consider an accomplishment at this point.

I didn’t feel like writing a blog this week, but I’m getting on with it.

I didn’t feel like scheduling the cancelation of my utilities and wrapping up our lives here in San Diego, but I’m getting on with it.

I really didn’t feel like settling on a short term apartment in the Bay Area and making preparations for my son to start a new school…but, you guessed it…I’m getting on with it.

Sometimes, you have to go through the motions whether your heart is in it or not.  In one more week, my family will have officially made our move and I will embrace the change.

For now, I’ll keep trucking along.  We’re almost there.

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3 Responses to Getting On With It

  1. I know this has to be difficult, but I can tell by what little I know of you in this blog that you will persevere. You ARE almost there. Sing a happy tune and have some chocolate.

  2. Ugh…I’m so sad you’re moving. Bleh 😦

  3. Ryan says:

    I am sure it’s not easy moving the entire family, but you are doing it. Good luck this week!!!

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