Fearless Friday

In honor of today’s Fearless Friday, I cracked open the plastic shrink wrap on a new exercise video.  Not any old exercise video.  It’s Julian Michaels Ripped in 30.

For any of you not familiar with this miniature drill-sergeant-of-terror, Jillian is the former top trainer on NBC’s Biggest Loser, and she is one scary mamma jamma.  I conquered her 30 Day Shred work out a couple years ago when I was feeling a little jiggly and it was heart-palpitating, hand-shaking, I wanna-be-anywhere-but-here, intense.  Wherever I went, ladies were familiar with Jillian’s drills.  Three different women told me they nearly threw up on level one.  I spend 60 days working up to level three and it was a MAJOR accomplishment. 

Now, two years later, I happened upon her latest video which promised, “fresh, fun new moves,” taunting me from the stacked piles of glossy tapes at Costco. I’m no sissy, so I put that video straight into my cart.  It has been sitting in my kitchen drawer ever since. But this morning, I put on my tightest exercise bra and bounciest gym shoes, and prepared myself for battle – Rocky Balboa style.

She barked, she growled… “Do Not Fail. Give it to me!” She yelled for more, “don’t phone this one in,” and she….delivered.  My thighs are on fire.  My abs are tight. My skin has a healthy flush, perhaps a glow. If you see me picking up my boys from school today, I’ll be the mom in the tight jeans.  I’ve earned it.

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4 Responses to Fearless Friday

  1. Have to agree with you on Jillian’s scariness factor… While she definitely has passion and athletic skills to boot, some of her diet and fitness philosophies and techniques are risky. Regardless, glad you had an awesome workout. 🙂 Soak up those well deserved benefits!

    PS Forgot to drop you a note about your Inspiring Blogger Award: http://augustmclaughlin.wordpress.com/2012/01/09/butter-heads-and-blog-awards/

  2. hollyyoumans says:

    Hey August,

    Thanks for the blogger award! That is so cool. So, I’m still new to all of this. What is the best way for me to post the blog badge on my site and add others? Is it a copy and paste thing or is there more to it?

    I’ve never looked into Jillian’s diet tips, but I do agree that some of her exercises are a bit insane. So far, they have really worked for me though and no injuries…knock on wood.

  3. Brinda Berry says:

    She is very much hardcore! Congrats on making it through Day One. If you’re like me, tomorrow is when you’ll pay for it. I’m always sore when I start a new routine. It will be worth it.

  4. mark says:

    Jillian rocks, but so does Rocky:)

    Well done you..I’ve got videos fRom three years ago still in shrink wrap!!!

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