Bah Hum Bug


Holy Mother of Jewish Princesses. I try to reserve my end of the week blogs for topics regarding doing what you fear.  I’ve got to tell you, not hiding under my covers and waiting for my least favorite month of the year to be over, has been a true act of bravery on my part.  I know, bah hum bug and all that.  Seriously though, the holidays are not for everyone. 

In our dual-culture family, I have been knee-deep in Chrismukkah chaos. I’ve been gearing up for Hanukkah concerts, preparing for Christmas visitors, and shopping for every holiday gift imaginable. But worst of all, I organized our dreaded family photos.

When I say dreaded, I am in no way exaggerating.  I’m not a fan at looking at pictures of myself, my boys hate posing of any kind, and my husband, well, let’s just say he needs therapy when it comes to taking his picture.  He acts like he’s being sent off to Guantanamo Bay for a dose of water boarding.  This year, after days of complaining, I had a complete Mashugana Meltdown and disinvited him from EVER posing in another family photo EVER again.  I scooped up my boys and left without Mr. Grumpy Pants. 

Of course, by the next day I felt like the Grinch that stole Christmas so we loaded our poor boys into the car and drove them back to the beach where I kindly took pictures of my husband with his sons.  Our family holiday card will include three pictures this year – one of me with our two boys, one of our two boys, and one of my husband with our two boys.  Does this make me a bad wife???

Hope you are enjoying your holiday season with much joy and merry-ness.  Someone needs to be doing it.

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11 Responses to Bah Hum Bug

  1. Holly! You would have encountered Ms. Grinch in my house until precisely 6:52 last evening. How do I remember the time? Because I looked at the clock when I put the last touch on the last tree Mr. Ho-Ho-Ho drug into the house to replace our 12 foot divorce-in-a-tree-stand that we are NOT putting up this year.

    Chismukkah? I can not imagine preparations for the combined celebrations (and, in your case, I use that term out-of-context). Spike your eggnog. Spike HIS eggnog. And, don’t forget to look at the clock when you wrap up the BA-HUMBUG phase of the season–2012!

    Thanks for giving us a look at “the other side” of the season on the Blog Hop.

  2. Correction: Christmukkah! No wonder MS Word chose to underline it in red.

    • hollyyoumans says:

      Ha! I had to look it up and double check too. It does seem like it might have a T. The red indicates that if you click on the word, it’s linked to a webpage. Chrismukkah is linked to a Wikipedia site on the subject.

  3. Mark says:

    Aloha Holly,

    Hilarious…. well done you for a fun post, oh who cares if the ChrisM. (I ain’t spelling it…see above:) hits the fan, imagine if you were all alone and had a house full of peace and quiet… (stop it! That’s supposed to be a Bad thing:)

    Good luck with the next few weeks and PS.. I LOVED your opening line, too…:)

  4. Brinda Berry says:

    Holly- Yes, I’ve used the EVER sentence many times…”That’s the last time I EVER take a vacation with you again.” “That’s the last time I EVER cook Christmas dinner for your family.” ,-That one has been going on for approx. 20 years. “That’s the last time we EVER go shopping together.” I’ll be thinking of you this month. 🙂 I just gave up on the photo today and bought the regular old cards.

  5. Shelly says:

    Oh my goodness, you have me rolling on the floor laughing…at your expense of course! You are incredibly funny and I just love your self-deprecating humor. I’m looking forward to reading more of your quirky snarkiness!!

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