I spent a wonderful evening with friends this week.  Stacey, Gina, and I met up at the Mediterranean Café in Carlsbad after successfully ditching our children and husbands for some girl time. We’ve know each other since high school and we insist on hanging out together as often as possible.

As usual, I was the last to arrive. The atmosphere was festive with a live singer and lots of big comfy Moroccan-style couches. Stacey ordered wine while Gina opted for a big mug of some sort of latte. I sipped on my favorite, mint tea with cream, and waited to sample the delicious Middle-Eastern cuisine.

Low lights and the hushed murmurs of other diners invited us to spill our secrets. We discussed husbands, and kids, and jobs.  We gossiped about which celebrities wear hair extensions – all of them! – and which ones had boob jobs and butt fat injections – Kim Kardashian for sure, we don’t care how much our husbands swear everything on that woman is real. Best of all, the three of us tapped into our fun side.  I left feeling lighter, with a little hit of the adrenaline I used to feel after a long night running around with my high school buddies.

Life moves faster in your 30’s. It’s easy to get lost in the day to day rhythms of being a grown up, a mommy, a wife.  Making time for our besties keeps us young. 

Now…time to plan our next ladies night out.  Can’t wait!

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