KMIR 2.0

Hope you all had a fantastic three day weekend. Thank you to my husband and all the other Veterans who made this holiday possible!

With the extra time off, one of my favorite people, Asavari, flew in from the Midwest. To celebrate, we threw together our annual KMIR-TV reunion at our friend Heather’s place. Along with Sally, the four of us noshed on an assortment of delicious treats, traded gossip, and watched our nine children socialize. We’ve multiplied. It truly feels like yesterday we were all just kids ourselves, running around putting every ounce of our energy into building careers in broadcast news and conquering the world. Now our offspring rule the roost.

As such, the highlight of the evening occurred when the older kids dimmed the lights, turned up the volume on an IPod, and took center stage in front of a roaring fireplace to put on a highly coordinated dance performance. No surprise to me, our kids are a talented bunch. Oh, how I wish I had taped it. 

Another exciting event? Heather invited me on to her show, California Life – a newsmagazine that focuses on positive stories throughout the Golden State. Next month I will sit down to chat with Heather about COULD HAVE BEEN HOLLYWOOD.  She will air clips from my old news reel throughout the interview. It should be interesting. I’ll post the video on this website as soon as I get a copy.

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